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That time 16 people showed up to help me move

One of my first Minutes of Joy after my separation from my ex-husband came on the day I moved out of our family home and moved into my rental townhouse. I had asked a few friends if they could help me with the big move, because honestly, I had no budget for movers.

On moving day, 16 of my closest friends and family showed up. I snapped this picture to show the line of cars parked outside of my house. (My brother struck a pose for fun, too).

Moving out of my home was stressful and scary and sad...but it was also a day in which I was surrounded by more love than I could have possibly imagined during such a low time. This was a pattern that repeated again and again. When I felt like there were no minutes of joy to be had, friends, family and even acquaintances were suddenly there, lifting me up.

By the end of my moving day, I was completely unpacked and set up in my house. My friends even took the boxes to the recycling center for me when we were done. That night, as the kids and I ate some pizza and enjoyed our first night at home, we toasted to new beginnings and settled in for a few minutes of joy as we began our new adventure in our new home.

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