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Sometimes it really takes just a minute...

I've been a bit quiet here for the last week because I was totally consumed by a major project for my

day job.

That project took me to Ft. Lauderdale, which is not a terrible place to have to spend a week in January!

Unfortunately, I got to spend very, very little of that time enjoying the warm Florida weather, because my work project was a day-and-night gig, with no time for beach walking, spa visits or relaxation.

It was a stressful week, which made it even more important to find a few of #MMOJ in the midst of the craziness.

I managed one on a break from the meeting, when two coworkers and I took the elevator to the pool deck and used 10 minutes between meeting sessions to sit by the pool.

I managed a second on my final day there, when I snuck out of my meeting for just five minutes to put my toes in the blue-green ocean.

I'll be honest: I wish my work trips weren't quite so scheduled and intense. But I am grateful that even when they are challenging, I'm able to find just one minute amidst the craziness to breathe in the salty air, feel the sand under my feet enjoy the bright blue sky.

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