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My Week of Joy

I spent the last week on a true vacation -- three days in Charleston, SC and four in Savannah, GA. I celebrated my cousin's wedding in Charleston with my family and boyfriend, and then met up with some girlfriends in Savannah for a girl's trip with my favorite travel buddies.

It was the longest break I've had from work in years, and it was also the longest I've gone without seeing my kids since the divorce. I'm pleased to share that I leaned all the way into it and had many minutes of joy during that week. It was precisely the kind of rest, relaxation and fun I needed.

I also recognize that if I'd tried to take this exact trip a year ago, when the divorce was still very fresh, I would not have been able to enjoy myself quite as much (although I still likely would have found at least a minute or two of joy along the way!). Time DOES help with healing, and I find it so much easier to identify a minute of joy today than it was just 12 months ago.

So, if you're in the throes of a tricky season in life, keep moving. One minute of joy could turn into a whole darn week of joy in just a year!

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