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I've kept my container garden alive for 26 days!

Every year for the last 12 (except for one), I've tried to grow a container garden. For 12 out of 12 years, my garden has lasted into late May and then promptly died. I would plant too many things in one container, forget to water too many days in a row, buy the wrong soil or place the containers in too much sun or shade.

2020 was my best year yet -- I actually managed to get a few peppers before everything died.

Last year, I thought about creating my container garden at my rental townhouse, but I ultimately didn't bother. "I'm not any good at it anyway, so it's not even worth it to try." I enjoyed my summer, but never once sat on my back deck for a cup of coffee on a summer weekend, one of my favorite activities pre-divorce. When I looked at my boring back porch, it just didn't seem worth it.

So, this year, I decided to try again.

Today's MMOJ isn't just about the moment I snapped this picture (although that WAS a good minute -- look, everything is still alive!). No, My Minute of Joy was when I decided to try again.

The worst thing divorce took from me for a time was my belief in myself. The best thing about coming out the other side has been getting it back.

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