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About My Minute of Joy

Hello! And welcome to My Minute of Joy (MMOJ). My name is Michelle, and I started MMOJ after my divorce, which was an unexpected and particularly painful chapter in my life. In those initial months after my marriage ended, as I moved into my own place, created new routines with my two sons and adjusted to a life I never expected, contentment was elusive.

So, I actively sought to find it. I created my own plan to find happiness, one minute at a time. Some actions were big – like planning a photoshoot with my boys so I’d have some new family pictures to decorate my home.

Others were small, like learning how to grill a really great steak. Over time, those minutes of joy helped me create a path forward, and I realized that we all have Minutes of Joy, even in our hardest times, and that sharing them can help more of us all forge our happy paths forward.

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